12 October 2012, Friday, 12:21

Railway fares can rise in price considerably next year

author: Luboth Kolokolova

Railway fares for travelling open-plan carriages can rise in price for 60 percent in 2013. It was announced by Michael Akulov, Vice-President of Russian Railways (RZD) during public hearings of the project of the federal budget for 2013-2015 in Public Chamber. It is connected with decrease in volume of RZD’s subsidies for passenger transportations provided in the draft federal budget.

Earlier the state annually allocated subsidies in the amount of 30 billion roubles for indemnification of losses to the carrier which it bore in connection with prices state regulation for tickets in open-plan carriages and sitting carriages, the Bashkortostan State Committee on Transport and Road Facilities explains. However the Ministry of Finance RF suggests subsidising transportations in open-plan carriages only for young people under 23 years and pensioners since next year.

The fare in first class and compartment carriages is regulated by RZD itself. Rendering of comfortable conditions to passengers is an additional service and is not subject to subsidies.

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