12 October 2012, Friday, 9:46

Congress of notary publics of Volga federal district is held in Ufa

author: Sergey Zakharov

A gathering of Coordination Council of notary chambers in Volga federal district is held in Ufa Congress-Hall today and its participants are discussing the problems, related to inheritance by will, inheritance of some property objects and acquisition of inheritance. Introduction of electronic document circulation into notary practice is also under discussion.

In opinion of the president of the notary chamber RB Alfia Khaidarova the transition to new information technologies represents very important problem.

“At present time the software of electronic signature is already installed in the majority of notary offices and many notary publics are ready to start working with it. Besides, notary publics develop electronic document circulation in cooperation with tax bodies in the process of registration of natural and legal persons” – the chief notary public RB reported.