09 October 2012, Tuesday, 16:09

22 streets and junctions are enlarged in Ufa

author: Galiya Nabieva

In 2012 in accomplishment of Ufa the capital administration laid an emphasis on major repairs of the city streets. At the press conference following the results of social and economic development of the capital Irek Yalalov covered issues of the city accomplishment, housing construction, social objects, roads.

According to Irek Yalalov, repair of 39 objects of road facilities is spent by the City Directorate of Municipal Services and Accomplishment. It is more than 480 thousand square metres.

“Enlargement of roadbed is executed at 22 objects,” the head of city administration told journalists. “Among them there are such large highways, as 50th anniversary of October, Tsyurupy, Parhomenko, Rossiskaya, S. Perovskaya, Pushkin, Tukaev Streets.

It is established more than 27 thousand metres of road and more than 5 thousand metres of pavement curbs.