08 October 2012, Monday, 15:50

Paul Sheremet will conduct a master-class for journalists and bloggers in Ufa

author: Elmira Sabirova

A master-class of popular TV-presenter, the author of many documentaries, political observer of the publishing house “The Merchant”, the head of the politics and society dept of the journal “OGONEK” Paul Sheremet will take place in Ufa on October 20.

The program includes two themes: “TV between illusion and the truth of life” and “New media – challenge or opportunity”.

Paul Sheremet will tell about specifics and new technologies for work on TV. The second part of the seminar will be devoted to internet-journalism. The founder of the independent informational-analytical internet site “Byelorussian Partisan” will tell about such problems as blogs and blog-sphere as a real source of information and the site for expressing one’s opinion and internet-mass-media as a new instrument of influence upon reality.

More detailed information is available by the phone: 8(347) 274-56-69.

themes: journalism