08 October 2012, Monday, 12:01

Days of Bashkir honey in Chelyabinsk will become annual

author: Marina Schumilova

The Days of Bashkir honey have taken place in Chelyabinsk the last weekends. About 50 bee-keepers have delivered 60 tons of honey for the capital of South Ural.

Press-secretary of the Permanent Representative Office RB in Chelyabinsk region Michael Khabirov reports the choice was great – any sorts of honey plus numerous products of bee-keeping. Prices were also quite moderate: one three-liter pot of honey cost 1300-1600 rubles and only the honey, brought from Burziansky region RB, was an exception: it was sold out at 2000 thousand rubles for one pot.

Michael Khanirov also reports the honey fair in Chelyabinsk was experimental and first its initiators were afraid that either the bee-keepers wouldn’t come or the number of visitors would be too small. But many residents of Chelyabinsk decided to come and taste and later buy the famous Bashkir honey. Not it is decided to hold such honey fairs every year.

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