08 October 2012, Monday, 9:22

«Stock Exchange of Business Contacts-2012» will be held in Ufa

author: Luboth Kolokolova

The applications acceptance for participation in «the Stock Exchange of Business Contacts -2012» began in Ufa which will be held on November 2. The given event will take place in the republican capital already for the sixth time and will promote establishment of new business relations and increase of business efficiency.

The Stock Exchange of Contacts is organised by the Ufa Uni on of Businessmen and the Ufa City Small Business Development and Support Fund.

As organizers inform, the information on firms-participants will be placed in the special catalogue «Stock Exchange of Business Contacts». During the event there is a possibility to hold presentation of your company. Search and selection of potential partners is made by the organizers according to the criteria formulated by the businessmen in their applications.

Companies decided to become participants of the event should fill in an application form for participation and sel ection of potential partners. The application should be registered till October 22.

Please contact with any questions by phone (347) 241-47-44.