05 October 2012, Friday, 17:16

Russians need 30 thousand roubles for comfortable living and three times more for high living - poll

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

Three quarters of Russians are not satisfied with their incomes. According to sociological research of Public Opinion Fund, there are 74 percent of such people. Thus more than others inhabitants of villages and small cities are not satisfied with their financial status with the population less than 50 thousand – 77 and 79 percent, accordingly. This figure is the least in Moscow – 66 percent and in cities with population from 250 thousand to 1 million – 70 percent.

According to results of the poll, on average Russians consider that monthly income of 30 thousand roubles would be enough for them for a "normal" life. Thus in rural areas this figure makes 22 thousand, in Moscow – almost 52 thousand roubles.

In order to live «indulging in every pleasure», rural residents need 91 thousand roubles a month and Muscovites – 129 thousand roubles. Inhabitants of cities with the population from 50 thousand to 250 thousand people have the greatest demands: 184 thousand roubles. On average over Russia the size of monthly income allowing to cover all necessary expenses makes 107 thousand roubles.

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