05 October 2012, Friday, 13:36

Film produced by Zemfira Ramazanova is released

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

Renata Litvinova’s film «Rita's last fairy tale» is released on October 18. The soundtrack to the film was written by Zemfira Ramazanova, she also acted as its co-producer, the official website of the film informs.

In the film Olga Kuzina (Margarita Gaultier), Tatyana Drubich (Nadezhda Mihailovna), Renata Litvinova (Tatyana Neubivko), Nikolay Homeriki (Kolya), Sati Spivakova (head physician) and Alisa Hazanova (Alevtina Mihailovna) are featured.

Three women are described in the film, three states of mind – love, death and pursuit of happiness. And it is spoken about one angel of death accompanying into another world the souls of those who are capable to love.

Zemfira Ramazanova’s work in the film «Rita's last fairy tale» is not the first: in 2004 she wrote a soundtrack to the film «The Goddess. How I fell in love», and in 2008 she became the producer and the composer of the musical film «Outdoor theatre in Zemfira».

In Ufa the film «Rita's last fairy tale» can be seen at the «Cinema Park» in the shopping mall "Family".

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