05 October 2012, Friday, 12:05

Presentation of scientific edition, devoted to modern political processes in Bashkortostan, has taken place at Bashkir Academy of public service and management

author: Marina Schumilova

On the eve of the Republic Day presentation of first two volumes of the many-volumed scientific edition “Modern political-transformational processes in Republic of Bashkortostan” has taken place at the Bashkir Academy of public service and management under the President RB. It is devoted to development of political institutes in the Republic for the last two decades. Representatives of scientific community, authority, political parties and public organizations have taken part in it.

The essense of modern political-power system RB, its modern state, tendencies and peculiarities of political processes in Bashkortostan are disclosed in the edition.

The subject-matter of first two volumes is “The epoch of perestroika: genesis of modern political-transformational processes” and “New quality of state structure RB”. The documents, introduced here, tell about political struggle and political-state challenges of the post-Soviet elite of Bashkortostan. The edition is based on materials of conferences, fragments of legislative acts, newspaper articles and recollections of contemporaries. It is meant for political scientists, historians, legal scholars, sociologists, officials and all those, who are interested in political development of modern Bashkortostan.