04 October 2012, Thursday, 20:17

Import of quarantine products to Bashkiria is supervised by Rosselhoznadzor

author: Luboth Kolokolova

Experts of Rosselhoznadzor Directorate on Bashkortostan Republic for nine months of current year at examination of quarantine products imported in the territory of region, in 906 cases revealed four kinds of quarantine weeds. These are richweed, Californian thrips, tickseed pilose, golden nematode of potato.

The richweed was detected in 892 cases in sunflower in number of 23718 tons (the Orenburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk regions).

The western flower (Californian) thrips was detected in 12 cases in cuts of flowers and pottery plants in number of 96 pieces (Netherlands).

The tickseed pilose — there was one case of its detection in 40 tons of soybean meal (Paraguay).

The golden nematode of potato  - there was one case of its detection in 20 tons of potatoes (Udmurtiya).

As the Rosselhoznadzor Directorate on RB informs, the products with quarantine weeds are directed for technical processing in the conditions devitalizing quarantine objects, and the infected flowers are sent for destruction.