04 October 2012, Thursday, 18:41

Three days left till the season opening at the Russian Drama Theatre

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

On October 7, the 151st theatrical season will be opened at the State Academic Russian Drama Theatre. On the Ufa scene there will a premiere of performance by Natalia Moshina’s play «To stars» directed by the art director of the theatre, the honoured worker of arts RF and RB Michael Rabinovich.

Natalia Moshina is the Russian playwright. She was born, lives and works in Ufa. She debuted at the festival of modern dramatic art "Lyubimovka" with the play "Triangle" in 2004. At the same festival plays "Bullet", "Island Rikotu" and "Heat" were presented for the first time.

As the theatre press-service informs, Natalia Moshina is the winner of the A.Volodin’s All-Russia competition of modern dramatic art, the prize-winner of the International competition of modern dramatic art «Free theatre» and drama competition of the Festival of modern theatre and cinema "Texture". Natalia Moshina's plays are staged on the scenes of Moscow, Minsk, Murmansk, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Daugavpils, London and some other cities. The play «To stars» is staged at the Russian drama theatre for the first time.