04 October 2012, Thursday, 11:41

From the beginning of the year more than 30 thousand people visited career fairs in Ufa

author: Galina Bakhshieva

For nine months 2012 the Ufa career fairs were visited by almost 31 thousand people. More than 3400 competitors were employed.

“From January till September about 1100 enterprises and the organisations of the Bashkir capital became participants of 50 fairs organised by us. They offered visitors of fairs 25 thousand free workplaces. In total employers reported to the Ufa Employment Service about more than 95 thousand vacancies from the beginning of the year. As of October 1, the capital bank of vacancies included about 18500 unoccupied workplaces,” the head of communication with enterprises department of the Ufa Employment Centre Irina Turchina informs.

themes: career fairs