02 October 2012, Tuesday, 16:43

Many-volumed set “They Returned with Victory” is available in internet now

author: Lubov Kolokolova

Now one may download free the multi-volumed set “They Returned with Victory” on the official site of the publishing house “KITAP” (www.kitap-ufa.ru). This series (14 volumes) includes family names of 258 thousand soldiers, officers and generals, who had come back alive from the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

The publishing house “KITAP” reports the documents of towns and regional archives, military commissariats, enterprises and institutions of Bashkortostan were used for collection of this bibliographic data. Veterans of war and labor, employees of military commissariats, archives, departments for labor and population social protection, the Pension Fund, editorial staffs of regional and town newspapers, relatives of heroes and fellow villagers took part in search and collection of the materials.

The editorial board expresses sincere thankfulness to all those, who rendered assistance in collection of the materials for the many-volumed set.

themes: memory