01 October 2012, Monday, 12:18

A tooth of mammoth, discovered in Neftekamsk, will be sent to National Museum RB for investigations

author: Rozalia Valeeva

The stone fragment, weighing 6kg and discovered in the town of Neftekamsk, turned out to be a mammoth’s tooth. In the nearest future the tooth will be passed to the specialists of the National Museum RB for further investigations.

A worker of one local building company discovered this unusual finding in the crushed stone, delivered for the town from the banks of Kama-river. Specialists conjectured that this fossil could be the mammoth’s remains.

“The museum’s collection keeps many such exhibits” – senior researcher of Neftekamsk local lore museum Gulfina Akhkamova reported to the news agency “Bashinform” – “But we have no doubts that this is a tooth and not a fragment of the upper jaw. Several years ago similar finding had been deposited to the museum and later the specialists confirmed it was a mammoth’s tooth”.

themes: archeology