28 September 2012, Friday, 11:44

The III Kuzeev’s readings are held in Ufa

author: Marina Schumilova

All-Russian scientific conference “Ethnos-Society-Civilization – the III Kuzeev’s Readings”, held by the Institute of ethnological investigations by R.G. Kuzeev once in three years, started working in Ufa today, September 28.

The conference is held in the memory of a prominent Russian scientist and public activist Rail Kuzeev.

Ethnologists, historians, religious specialists, colleagues, students and friends of Rail Kuzeev from 30 Russian regions and CIS states are taking part in the III Kuzeev’s readings. Young scientists – his adherents – make up more than a half of the participants.

Actual problems of Russian and foreign ethnology, development of ethnic processes in terms of globalization, freedom of consciousness and spiritual security of Russia and historical-cultural heritage of Eurasian nations from the point of view of development of tourism and safekeeping of monuments are under discussion in Ufa. Special meeting is devoted to prominent ethnographers of Russia.

themes: science, forums