27 September 2012, Thursday, 15:38

The Institute of humanitarian investigations RB celebrates its first jubilee

author: Alexandra Lebedeva

The Institute of humanitarian investigations under the Academy of Sciences RB was established five years ago with the purpose of investigation of national and lingual relations, development and activation of humanitarian and public-political investigations in the region and also for scientific-informational support of national policy.

The Institute conducts fundamental and applied researches in sphere of ethnic-political, international, lingual, demographic, urban and inter-confessional processes and now it is considered one of few scientific centers, specializing precisely in regional problems.

Specialists of the Institute monitor ethnic-political situation in Bashkortostan, investigate the present lingual situation in the region, ethnic-demographic processes, ethnic-confessional relations and the role of the religious factor in public-political life, study the problems of influence of public-political and social-economic factors upon international relations, analyze factors of ethnic destabilization for their preventive removal and study multi-aspect development of Republican culture.