27 September 2012, Thursday, 14:34

Multi-volume Bashkir encyclopedia will be placed in internet

author: Marina Schumilova

Internet sites of encyclopedian structures in Russian regions can play important role in coordination of their activity, as it was stated today during the all-Russian  scientific conference “Historical experience: actual problems in development of Russian regional encyclopedian science”, held in Ufa. Thus, publishing house “Bashkir Encyclopedia” and the Institute of Tatar encyclopedia have their sites in internet.

General Director of the publishing house “Bashkir Encyclopedia” Vildan Saitov reports that placement of the multi-volume Bashkir encyclopedia will start in the nearest future on the site of the publishing house. After that the editions, which are prepared to be published, will be also placed in internet for public discussion.

“We already have such experience” – Vildan Saitov mentioned – “Thus, the text of the short encyclopedia “Bashkortostan” was found in internet within the period between 1997 and 2012”.