27 September 2012, Thursday, 11:11

Program for analysis of Bashkir morphology is made in laboratory of computer philology of Bashkir State University

author: Elmira Sabirova

Specialists of the laboratory of computer philology under the Bashkir State University made the program, able to determine the form of Bashkir words. Press center of the University reports the program is written in Perl and can determine what word it works with and what person, number, case and mood this word has. Such programs are called parsers and they are the base of computer understanding of the text in this or that language. These programs open many scientific and commercial prospects for work with big arrays of Bashkir texts.

The work of the parser can be watched on the special page of the laboratory’s site. The software is found in beta-test mode and it means that any user can estimate its functionality and report to designers about any errors and failures.