26 September 2012, Wednesday, 15:17

Bashkir Wikipedia is readable in mobile applications now

author: Alim Faizov

Articles of Wikipedia in Bashkir language are available for owners of portable devices now. Bashkir volunteers of the world multilingual internet-encyclopedia have finished working over its special application for smartphones and tablet PCs. The present setting permits to watch the main page of the Bashkir Wikipedia in full volume, unlike Russian and Tatar versions, where only a selected article can be opened.

The administrator of Bashkir Wikipedia Rustam Nuryev says that at present time this resource contains about 19 thousand articles. The majority of them are rather small articles about Russian rivers and settlements of Bashkiria, created with the use of computer technologies and by one pattern.

This year is remarkable for Bashkir Wikipedia. On April 16 it celebrated its seventh anniversary. In 2012 Bashkir volunteers have taken part in the international conference of Turk Wikipedia encyclopedias, which was held in April in Kazakhstan, at the Kazakh National University by Al-Farabi.