25 September 2012, Tuesday, 17:00

An autumn stage of the program “Clever Bashkortostan-2012” starts at Republican institutes

author: Elmira Sabirova

Preliminary selection of projects within the frames of the program “Participant of youth scientific-innovational contest – “Clever Bashkortostan-2012, an autumn stage” begins at Republican institutes and students, post-graduates and young researchers at the age of 8-28 inclusive may join it.

The expert jury will estimate the reports on five directions: biotechnology, IT, medicine, modern materials and technologies in material science, new devices and equipment.

The most talented researchers will be rewarded with 200 thousand rubles each. The program is meant for two years. Some institutes established their own awards. Thus, five first prizes at the rate of 10 thousand rubles, five second prizes at the rate of 5 thousand rubles and the same number of the third prizes at the rate of 3000 rubles were established by the Bashkir State University.

Selection of the projects will take place at the Bashkir State University within the period between October 1 and 12, press center of the University reported.