24 September 2012, Monday, 12:44

Minimal wage rate expected to be raised in Russia

author: Galina Bahkshieva

It is quite possible that the minimal wage rate in Russia will be increased up to 5205 rubles already beginning from January 1, 2013.

Ministry for labor and population social protection RB reports at present time the minimal wage is equal to 4611 rubles in the country. This index is planned to be raised almost by 13%.

The corresponding federal bill “Alteration of the article 1 of the federal law “The minimal rate of labor payment” is already prepared by Russian Ministry for labor.

The main goal of raising the minimal wage rate is to make it closer to the subsistence wage rate. In accordance with Russian Labor Code the minimal wage rate is set simultaneously on the whole territory of Russia in accordance with the federal law and can’t be lower than the subsistence wage for able-bodied population.

According to information of Russian State Statistics Committee the number of people, having salaries at the rate of less than 5205 rubles, made up 1,3 million people in economics or about 2% of all number of workers, working in different branches of economics.

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