19 September 2012, Wednesday, 12:19

Citizens of Ufa called Top5 of the most urgent problems in sphere of housing and communal services

author: Galina Bahkshieva

A survey, devoted to problems in housing and communal services and beautification of the city, has been conducted in Ufa.

In opinion of Ufa citizens five problems demand immediate solution. 33% of the interrogated called availability of parking lots as one of the most urgent problems. 28,5% of citizens come out for greening of the Bashkir capital. 28,3 and 27,9% declare for putting Ufa streets in order and for lighting of streets and yards correspondingly, Ufa administration reports.

Besides, the problem of widening of Ufa streets was actively discussed by mass-media not long ago. The survey shows that 79% of citizens say such step is positive and 14% declared against widening of the streets.