18 September 2012, Tuesday, 14:29

The first in Russia electric bus NEFAZ is certified

author: Lubov Kolokolova

The first in Russia electrical bus NEFAZ-52992 has successfully passed certification at the end of August. The bust can drive, using only its electric engine, almost 200 kilometers.

The lithium-iron-phosphate battery with the capacity 313,6 kilowatt/hour is located on the roof, in the salon and in the body overhang of the bus. The bus is equipped with the battery charger with the capacity 48 kilowatt. The process of charging takes eight hours. For fast charging (20-30 minutes) from the power network up to 500 kilowatt the bus has special connectors.

The electric bus is equipped with the telemetric system, which sends information to the remote computer for control of the battery parameters and parameters of the bus’s main units either along GLONASS or GPS channels.

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