17 September 2012, Monday, 12:15

BST offers to make a map of unique places of interest in Bashkiria

author: Sergey Zakharov

Bashkir satellite TV starts a new project “A Map with Your Own Hands” jointly with the Good Deeds Marathon “I Make Good Deeds”.

TV specialists offer to make the unique guide, telling about the most places of interest in our Republic.

“There are plenty of places of interest and really beautiful places in Bashkortostan and, surely, there are such places on the territory you live, so why not indicating such places on the map of our Republic” – TV-makers think.

Initiators of the project say that the only thing you have to do is to leave the mark on the map, showing the object you’d like to recommend, accompanied with a description and photos. Any person may insert such additions. Therefore the map will be regularly updated. Terms and rules of data placement can be found on the official BST site.