13 September 2012, Thursday, 12:10

A wide-scaled ecological action “Let’s Do It!” to be held in Bashkiria

author: Galina Bakshieva

A wide-scaled public ecological action “Let’s Do It!” will take place in Bashkiria on September 15 along with other Russian cities.

“Citizens of the country will go in the streets, to parks, forests and banks of lakes and rivers to make them cleaner. Such one-days actions are a part of the global public movement “Let’s Do It!”. On September the actions on refuse collection will take place in Byelorussia, Russia, Armenia, Malaysia, Argentine, Netherlands, Germany, Nigeria, France, Salvador, Belgium, in Republic of Mauritius, in Albania, Kazakhstan and also in Cyprus, Romania and Italy” – The head of the public movement “Eco” in Bashkortostan Guzelle Latypova tells.

The project “Let’s Do It!” poses the great aim before itself. Just for one day its initiators intend to collect tons of refuse and at that glass, plastic bottles and metal will be subject to further recycling.

themes: ecology