11 September 2012, Tuesday, 14:33

Plenary gathering of Bashkortostan’s parliament to be held on September 20

author: Marina Schumilova

The 55th gathering of State Council-Kurultay-RB of the fourth convocation will take place on September 20, as it was decided today at the first after parliamentary vacations meeting of the State Council Presidium. The agenda of the forthcoming gathering consists of 30 questions. It is expected that six Republican bills will become laws, such as “Regulation of land relations in Republic of Bashkortostan”, “State support of charitable activity in RB”, “Assistance to population employment in RB” and others.

Deputies will discuss Republican bills, altering the laws “Municipal service in RB”, “Organization of transport services on the territory RB” and alteration of the Ecological Code RB.

12 bills will be considered in the first reading, including the draft project of the law “Protection of population health in RB”.