07 September 2012, Friday, 13:02

The most expensive bread and the cheapest milk are registered in Bashkiria

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Bashkiria has the most expensive bread and the cheapest milk among regions of Volga federal district, Bashkir State Statistics Committee reported.

Thus, rye bread costs 28 rubles 64 kopecks here, while in Saratov region one rye loaf costs 21 rubles 80 kopecks.

Potato in the Republic is also the most expensive. One kilogram of potato here costs 19 rubles 12 kopecks, while in Chuvashia its price is just 11 rubles 28 kopecks.

At the same time milk in Bashkiria is cheaper than in any other region of Volga federal district. One liter of 3,2%-fat milk costs 34 rubles 63 kopecks, while in Kirov region same liter costs almost 50 rubles.

Other foods prices in Bashkiria are rather medium.

As for services, the price minimum in the Republic is registered in trams – 9 rubles for one trip against 18 rubles in Samara region.

One more index by which the Republic holds the lowest position is the cost of hot water supply. This service costs 172 rubles 20 kopecks per capita, while in Ulyanovsk region, for example, this figure is equal to 348 rubles 72 kopecks.