06 September 2012, Thursday, 17:27

The first traffic lane markings are drawn on Ufa roads

author: Rasul Khamidullin | photo: Oleg Yarovikov

The first innovational lane markings, duplicating road signs, are drawn in Ufa at the corner of Dostoevsky and Lenin streets. The markings are made of thermoplastic. This material possesses the unique anti-wear properties, being fully adapted to changes of air temperature, chemical and weather impact.

The material is manufactured by JSC “LCF Vaimarkering”, included into the holding “Geveko”.

“Traffic lane markings, made of thermoplastic, can be in use much longer” specialists of the company “Vaimarkering” say – “The material’s staff includes small glass balls, shining in the dark. The markings are colored and spacious and all that helps drivers in better orientation”.

Such markings are already successfully used in many big Russian cities but in Ufa it is still an experiment. Specialists will see how long these markings will stand and in case of positive result this practice will be continued on other roads of Bashkir capital.

themes: road economy