05 September 2012, Wednesday, 14:44

Subsistence wage for pensioners in Bashkiria is expected to be set at the rate of 5690 rubles in 2013

author: Marina Schumilova

The Minister of labor and population social protection RB Lenara Ivanova introduced the bill “Alteration of the article 4 of the law RB “The order of determination and setting consumer basket and subsistence wage in Republic of Bashkortostan” today, September 5, at a meeting of the State Council’s committee for social policy and health protection.

The amount of subsistence wage for pensioners is set in Bashkortostan as well as in other Russian regions for determination of social additional payment to pensions, the Minister explained.

The bill, introduced by the Government, sets the subsistence wage for pensioners in 2013 in the sum of 5690 rubles. The value of the subsistence wage is determined on the base of the consumer basket, set by the law RB “The consumer basket in Republic of Bashkortostan” and information of the Federal State Statistics Service in Bashkortostan concerning the level of consumer food, nonfood and service prices. The pensioners, whose pensions are lower than the abovementioned sum, will be additionally paid from the federal budget.

Members of the committee for social policy and health protection made a decision to support the bill and to offer it to Republican parliament for consideration in the first reading.