05 September 2012, Wednesday, 9:38

Anastasia Ovsyannikova won “gold” of Paralympic Games-2012 in delegation of Russian quartet

author: Dmitry Slezin | photo: london2012.com

Anastasia Ovsyannikova, Svetlana Sergeeva, Elena Ivanova and Margarita Goncharova have become champions of Paralympic Games-2012 in 4x100-meter relay race with the result 54,86 sec.

Anastasia Ovsyannikova presents the Institute of physical culture RB.

Chinese girls won silver medal (55,65) and British ones – “bronze” (56,08).

At present time Bashkortostan’s piggy bank consists of six golden medals (Andre Labzin, Elena Pautova, Anastasia Ovsyannikova and incomparable Oksana Savchenko-three medals) and three silver ones (Anna Sorokina and Alexander Nevolin-Svetov – two medals).