04 September 2012, Tuesday, 16:05

Federal authority will start accepting electronic documents beginning from March 1, 2013

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Russian Government will start accepting documentation in electronic format since March 1, 2013. The amendments concerning organization of activity of the whole federal power system in sphere of document circulation, offered by Russian Ministry for communication and mass communications, are approved at the last governmental gathering.

“Earlier introduction of documents to government was possible only in paper format and signed personally by ministers or their deputies. Beginning from March 1, 2013, any document can be introduced in electronic format with the use of electronic signature” – said on the site of Russian Ministry for communication and mass communications.

The questions concerning the use of electronic documents instead of traditional ones are raised in the normative acts, regulating activity of Russian government, for the first time. It will make the base for step-by-step transfer of executive power federal bodies to fully paperless document circulation, the Ministry for communication and mass communications of Russia reports.