03 September 2012, Monday, 15:10

Association of Russian banks highly estimated work of Bashkir banks

author: Alfia Sharafutdinova

Activity of the bank sector RB was highly estimated by the Association of Russian banks (ARB).

“We started studying the best experience in use of financial mechanisms for economic upsurge in Russian regions. In our opinion organization of these processes in Bashkiria looks very interesting: the system is well thought-out and precise” – the executive ARB vice-president Anatoly Milukov stated in his interview, published on the Association’s site on the eve of the all-Russian bank forum. The forum will take place in Nizhniy Novgorod on September 18-19. This conference is held in the administrative center of Volga federal district already for the 13th time and is devoted mainly to activity of regional banks.

“This forum will be special. We are facing a new crisis and banks appeared in the center of this process. What has to be done in order to cushion the crisis after-effects for our banks? What bank instruments should be applied? All these problems will be in the center of the forthcoming discussion “– Anatoly Milukov reported.

themes: banks, forums