02 September 2012, Sunday, 12:15

September 2 is the Day of oil and gas industry workers

author: Rasul Khamidullin

Workers of Russian oil and gas industry celebrate their professional holiday every first Sunday of September. Besides, Bashkir oil branch celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Oil workerss have laid the base of the most powerful fuel-energy complex in the region making earlier purely agrarian Bashkiria the leading industrial center of Russia.

May 16, 1932, has become a benchmark in history of Bashkir oil – the first oil gusher started spouting near the village Ishimbaevo. More than 1,65 billion tons of “black gold” have been extracted from Bashkir entrails for eight decades.

Thanks to oil mining oil refining, oil chemistry, chemistry, power engineering, machine-building and sectoral sciences were rapidly developing; new towns and settlements were erected as well as new objects of social infrastructure and transport.

Technical level of Republican oil refineries considerably outstrips many Russian oil processing plants and for many years Ufa’s refineries are considered the technological leaders of the branch, having high rating not only in Russia but beyond its frontiers too.