30 August 2012, Thursday, 17:41

The quantity of participatory share construction contracts grows in Bashkiria

author: Rasul Hamidullin

According to all available information, 4139 participatory share construction contracts are registered in Bashkortostan. It is for 1520 contracts more than for the similar period of 2011.

The total registered rights of participants for share construction and the developers rights from January 1, to July 1, current year reached 2507 in the republic. In 2011 this indicator was equal 1790, the press-service of Directorate of Rosreestr (Russian State Register) on Bashkortostan reports.

Experts of Directorate found out that such growth is connected first of all with increase in volumes of construction, availability of various social programs on habitation acquisition in apartment houses, and also purchasing capacity of the population.