30 August 2012, Thursday, 12:42

Bashkir bees will depart to Germany

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

Andres Erkelents, the representative of Germany beekeepers community arrived in Ufa on August 30, the press-service of the Ministry of Agriculture RB informs.

Acquisition of queen bees of the Bashkir honey bees became the purpose of the German expert visit. About their existence Andres Erkelents learnt at the International Exhibition «Green Week-2012» in Berlin.

The Bashkir bees drawn attention of foreign colleagues with their unique properties – exclusive winter survival, high honey productivity, and also stability to many illnesses. Also the given bees surpass other Russian breeds in quantity of the received wax and bee-bread.

On the second day of visit Andres Erkelents plans to visit apiaries of the Bashkir research centre on beekeeping and apitherapy in Arkhangelsk Region. There he can personally examine beehives and adopt experience of the Bashkir bee-keepers.

Very soon, on September 2, the first party of queen bees will be sent from Bashkiria to Germany.

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