30 August 2012, Thursday, 10:17

“Young Guardians” will hold anti-alcohol raid in Ufa on August 30

author: Marina Schumilova

“Young Guardians” of Volga federal district will hold the raids, aimed at exposure of facts of sales of strong drinks to minors and at suppression of such violations, today, August 30. Bashkir regional division of “United Russia Young Guardians” will hold such raid today in Ufa.

“The problem of alcoholism among teenagers remains rather urgent” – activists of “Young Guardians” tell – “Some dishonest businessmen try to make maximal profit and don’t care about the ways they get it. Sellers of alcohol aren’t afraid of small fines. In this connection federal authorities intend to toughen Russian legislation in respect of the sellers, selling strong drinks to minors. Young Guardians support this initiative and hold the raids on exposure of such facts on the eve of the Day of Knowledge. We stand for toughening of federal legislation in this sphere”.