29 August 2012, Wednesday, 17:47

VII competition «Best Librarian RB» takes place in Bashkiria

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

In Bashkiria a zone stage of the VII Republican competition «Best Librarian RB» takes place, where 54 library systems participate, the head of scientific literature department of the Ahmet- Zaki Validi National Library RB Galina Evtishchenko informs.

Winners of zone stages will take part in the republican competition. To win in the professional competition librarians should develop their individual innovative projects to advance books among wide audience, thus it is desirable to partners (public organisations, schools or kindergartens) take part in the project.

“Librarians are not satisfied any more with just common work,” Galina Evtishchenko says. “Library for a long time is not already an archive of paper books, but a live, developing body. We expect from the competition ideas, new experience which we will share among all libraries of our republic.”

Names of the best librarians of Bashkiria will be defined in the end of November.

themes: libraries