29 August 2012, Wednesday, 11:06

About three thousand candidates will take part in municipal elections in Bashkortostan

author: Marina Schumilova

Registration of candidates to deputies within the frames of a municipal election campaign in Bashkortostan is over. The Information Center of the Central Electoral Committee RB reports that 2977 candidates will struggle for 1115 deputy mandates. 1767 are elected by political parties and 1210 are nominated individually.

The majority of registered candidates (1742) are nominated by the political parties: 1110 candidates – by “United Russia”, 331 – by the Russian Communist party (CPRF), 90 – by LDPR and 211 – by “Fair Russia”. Other six political parties send 25 candidates to the elections: “Patriots of Russia” – 9 candidates, “Apple” (YABLOKO) – 4, “Clever Russia” – 5, the party of Russian pensioners – 2, “Alliance of Greens – National party” – 2 and Russian ecological party “The Greens” – 3 candidates.

Formation of election stations will be finished in the Republic today, August 29, and there will be 2747 of such stations at the forthcoming municipal elections.

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