28 August 2012, Tuesday, 15:18

Vladimir Putin’s thank-you notes are presented to National Staff members

author: Marina Schumilova

The President of Bashkortostan, a member of “United Russia” Supreme Council Rustem Khamitov has presented thank-you notes to members of Vladimir Putin’s National Staff for active participation in the last presidential election campaign, ER.RU reported.

Thank-you notes were handled to the chief of Vladimir Putin’s National Staff in Bashkortostan, the head of “United Russia” local committee Albert Miftakhov, to the head of the regional public waiting room of “United Russia” Rail Asadullin and to the accredited representatives of the presidential candidate in Bashkortostan Nadejda Krylova and Rashida Sultanova.

“In my opinion the presidential elections in Bashkortostan have taken place on very good level: 75,3% of Republican electors have voted for the candidature of Vladimir Putin” – Albert Miftakhov said – “All members of the staff will be rewarded with the thank-you notes, signed by the head of the all-Russian election staff Stanislaw Govorukhin. It is pleasant that we weren’t forgotten, though, sure, we were working not just for the thank-you notes. All of us had another motivation – working for people first of all”.