28 August 2012, Tuesday, 12:22

13 percent of Russians use the Internet-banking - "Public opinion" Fund

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

13 percent of Russians use the Internet-banking service. Results of interrogation by the "Public opinion" Fund testify to it. 37 percent of respondents, according to the Fund, do not know about existence of such service and do not want to use it. 11 percent of interrogated said that they did not make any operations with the help the Internet-banking yet, but in the future they were going to use this service. Two percent were undecided whether this service was necessary to them.

Among users of online-banking service payment for mobile communication, the Internet and TV is demanded more than the others: 73 percent of consumers made such operations. Half of interrogated looked through the information on the status of their accounts, 48 percent paid for housing and communal services, 45 percent transferred money from accounts, 25 percent repaid credits, 24 percent paid taxes or penalties.