27 August 2012, Monday, 17:43

Almost 90 percent of Russians are sure that prices will grow - VTSIOM

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

More than half of Russia’s inhabitants characterise rates of inflation in the country for the last two months as "very high". A share of those who is sure that the prices will continue to grow reaches nearly 90 %. Interrogation data concerning inflationary expectations of Russia’s inhabitants were disclosed by the All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM).

According to results of research, 57 % of respondents consider inflation as very high, 35 % name its average and only six percent say that it is insignificant.

88 % of participants of interrogation express confidence in further rise in prices for the main goods and services during the nearest couple of months. Thus 56 % from them consider that the rise in prices will be "serious", others 32 – "insignificant". Eight percent of respondents said that prices would remain at the present level, three percent were undecided, and a variant «prices will decrease» was not chosen by any interrogated person.

themes: opinion polls