27 August 2012, Monday, 13:59

American professors delivered the first lectures on oncology for the Bashkir physicians

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

A course for lecturers and nurses «Evidence-based nursing on oncology: rendering help to patients and members of their families» opened at the Bashkir State Medical University (BGMU). The main lecturers are Frances Marcus Lewis and Mary Heffernan, leading experts-professors fr om the USA.

The course will be held for participants free of charge as the project is realised within the lim its of long-term international cooperation of the Bashkir and American universities, two Associations of Nurses RB and the Bashkir branch of the Inter-Regional Society of Experts For Evidence-based Medicine under support of Bristol-Myers-Squibb Fund.

The training is planned on 10 modules. They include oncology and immunology fundamentals, and also techniques, which nurses can apply together with doctors or independently. According to the experts, the acquired skills will help to reduce stress and depressive attitudes of the patient, to support members of his family, to pay attention to situations which demand an immediate consulting to doctors and those, which are typical and can be resolved without an additional help.

Professor Frances Lewis will make a report subsequent to the first results of the given project at the session of Extended Academic Council of BGMU on August 31.