23 August 2012, Thursday, 17:14

National symphonic orchestra RB prepares for the season opening

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

The National symphonic orchestra of Bashkortostan Republic (NSO RB) will open the XXI concert season on September 13, in the Concert hall of the Ufa School of Arts, the head of musical part of the orchestra Elmira Izhboldina informs.

The opening program consists of compositions of modern national composers: Rustem Sabitov («Small symphony for kuray, dumbyra and kyl-kubyza and orchestra»), Andrey Berezovsky («Concerto for piano and orchestra»), Ildar Hisamutdinov («Nocturne for French horn and orchestra»), Azamat Hasanshin compositions (the Symphony «Altun Urza»).

«Poem-fantasy for kuray and orchestra» by Airat Kubagushev and Condition «Z» by Dilyara Gabitova will be performed for the first time.

Besides, the honoured artist RB, professor Sergey Dukachev (piano), the winner of international and All-Russia competitions Safa Suleimanov (French horn) and Marsel Saitov (kuray) will take part in the concert.

On September 20, Elvira Fatyhova, the winner of international and open republican competitions will act with an orchestra. The program includes arias and symphonic fragments of foreign operas by George Handel, Gaetano Donizetti, Charles Gounod. Rustem Suleimanov, the art director and the main conductor of the orchestra will occupy the conductor's stand.

The beginning of the concert is at 7 p.m.