23 August 2012, Thursday, 15:14

Ufa schoolchildren were trained various crafts in German Oberhausen

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

The youth delegation of Bashkortostan returned fr om Germany which it visited in the frameworks of International MULTI program, the website of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports RB informs.

The delegation included 11 Ufa children. Last year they welcomed German schoolchildren in their families.

In the city of Oberhausen the meeting of delegations of countries-participants of the program with the burgomaster and other officials took place. Representatives of Bashkortostan presented gifts to the host party. Visitors were shown projects wh ere each participant could choose training program to any craft (origami, dances, football, water polo and embroidery).

Young Ufa residents were occupied in «city games» (games in groups), visited a musical, memorable places and museums, took part in round table-conferences on vital topics for youth from different countries of the world: "Civil law", «Healthy life-style», "Environment".

One of the visit days was declared as «Social Day». Children for one day became young volunteers, helped about the house to elderly people, made shopping for disabled people.

On the last day of the MULTI-2012 official part results were summed up, heads and members of the delegation presented their projects.

themes: youth policy