22 August 2012, Wednesday, 17:30

Bashkortostan is in the lead on number of banks

author: Alfiya Sharafutdinova

On number of banks and their divisions Bashkortostan takes the leading positions among subjects of the Russian Federation. It was announced at the press conference on August 22, by the vice-president of National Bank RB Marat Kashapov.

“For today there are 90 banks, including 11 republican ones in the region. As of July 1, the number of banking divisions reached 1434 units: on this indicator Bashkortostan takes the second place in the Volga Federal District and the fifth — in Russia, Marat Kashapov informs.

He marked that from the point of view of territorial availability the market of banking services is quite saturated in the republic, but the problem of their quality increase is not excluded from the agenda.

“Reserves for further improvement of services quality we see first of all in processes of internal corporate optimization, in processes implementing new technologies – in particular, remote rendering of services through various sorts of payment terminals, cash dispenses, mobile devices,” the Deputy Head of the National Bank underlined.

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