22 August 2012, Wednesday, 16:28

3087 candidates are nominated for municipal elections in Bashkortostan

author: Marina Shumilova

In municipal election campaign in Bashkortostan 3087 candidates apply for 1115 deputy mandates, Marina Dolmatova, the secretary of the Central Election Commission RB informs. By data as of August 22, 1850 from them are already registered by the territorial election commissions.

From 3087 candidates for mandates of local Councils 1794 are nominated by political parties, others are self-nominated. "United Russia" proposed 1112 candidates for elections, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation – 347, LDPR – 91, «Just Russia» – 219, «Patriots of Russia» — 9, "Yabloko" – 4. Also new, just registered political parties will come to municipal elections, — «Clever Russia» (5 candidates), Party of pensioners of Russia (2), «Green Alliance– People’s Party» (2), Russian ecological party «Green» (3 candidates).

Now the registration of candidates proceeds at the local level. In total this process will last till August, 27. Simultaneously there is a creation of electoral districts; there will be 2747 of them at the forthcoming elections.

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