17 August 2012, Friday, 18:03

The President of Russia met with Ombudsmen

author: Marina Shumilova

The day before in the Kremlin the President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with Ombudsmen from more than 60 subjects of the Russian Federation. In the meeting an Ombudsman from Bashkortostan Republic Rim Kayumov took part also.

At the meeting issues of Ombudsmen work perfection at the legislative level, protection of social and labour rights of citizens, justice, freedom of worship and confession were discussed, the website of the President of the Russian Federation informs.

The institute of Ombudsman exists in our country for 15 years. The federal constitutional law on the Ombudsman for human rights was accepted in 1997. For the last years the institute of the Ombudsman was created in 67 Russian regions. It was marked at the meeting that the concept of «Ombudsman» became a significant element of our state political structure for this time. Thus, the President of Russia underlined that Ombudsmen should not be connected with any specific political party and should not be engaged in any political activity that this work should be absolutely taken out of the frameworks of political process and thereupon possible personal publicity.

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