15 August 2012, Wednesday, 19:28

Movie will be shown open-air in Ufa

author: Rozaliya Valeyeva

On Thursday, August 16, on the area behind the Congress Hall free film display open-air on the screen of 105 square metres will take place. Ufa townspeople will see one of the best films of this year – «Moonrise Kingdom».

Now the structure erection for the screen proceeds, and the sound and light equipment will be tested in the evening.

“In Ufa there are no such projectors, capable to "master" the screen of such size”, the author of "Kinofresh" program on the UTV television channel and the organizer of the open film display Sergey Barhatov says. “We rent the necessary equipment in Kazan. We plan, that simultaneously more than 1000 people will be able to watch the film”.

According to organizers, there were difficulties with copyrights while choosing the film: movies, which had already been in wide release, should not have been shown within the limits of such events. This time they were lucky: the movie company "Paradise" gave rights for the film display.

“This film is not for everybody, it is sincere, light and warm”, Sergey says. “I am sure that it will be a perfect finishing stroke of the last summer decade.

The film session starts open-air at 20.30. Organizers advise to take with you tourist rugs and plaids.

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