15 August 2012, Wednesday, 17:31

"Ufa-Antalya" flight is delayed due to off-schedule landing of the plane in Volgograd

author: Luboth Kolokolova

Passengers of "Ufa-Antalya" flight by "Rusline" airlines will arrive at resorts of Turkey with delay. Because of the emergency replacement of the plane they had to spend more than ten hours at the International airport "Ufa" expecting their flight.

The matter is that today, on August 15, about one o'clock in the morning aircraft A319 flying from Antalya to Ufa, landed at the airport of Volgograd. Technical problems with one of engines detected by the aircraft crew were blamed for this. There were 158 passengers, including three children onboard of the "Airbus".

As the representative of airlines informed, passengers were sent home from Volgograd by another plane which landed in Ufa at 1.40 p.m local time.

Tourists (152 people) expecting the flight to Antalya at the Ufa airport were given water and hot food, some of them — rooms in the hotel.

Now air passengers are going to take off on the route.

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