13 August 2012, Monday, 15:54

Bread crops are harvested on 70 % of the areas in Bashkortostan

author: Arina Rakhimkulova

For the past weekend grain crops and grain legumes are cut and threshed on seventy percent of the areas in the republic. Harvest of bread crops is finished on the area of 1,204 million hectares that makes 70 percent from the general territory. The grain from 68 % of the areas is threshed, the Centre of agricultural consulting RB informs.

Average productivity makes 10,9 centners per hectare at present. In total it is threshed 1,278 million tons of grain in the republic.

Meanwhile in separate areas of Bashkortostan the mowing is almost finished already. Thus, farmers of Sterlitamaksky area finished harvesting for 90 percent. By their efforts 98,2 thousand tons of grain are already prepared. Farmers of Ilishevsky area are leaders on productivity. They took on average 18 centners of grain per hectare.

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